Summer 2020 Team Tryouts


2020 Team Tryouts

Welcome to the Tryout Registration Form for Madlax-Oregon!

Please fill out the following questions to sign up for Tryouts for the Summer 2020 Tournament Teams.

Summer 2020 Tryouts - January 25, 2020

Oregon Episcopal School
2025-2029 12:00pm-1:45pm
2021-2024 2:15pm-4:00pm

Interested in trying out but can't make the 25th? Sign up for our Supplemental Tryouts January 27th using the same form and indicate you have a Jan 25th conflict. 

All players are required to participate in January tryouts for Summer Team Placement. The Year-Round option is available for Travel Teams only. Local Teams remain a seasonal offering. The Local Teams and Travel Teams are connected through a Mid-Year Tryout in August, following the Summer Season. This Mid-Year tryout is available to the entire Oregon lacrosse community. Summer Madlax Teams participants will be considered first for the Fall Team rosters (barring reasonable exceptions, like injury or relocation). Naturally, Fall Travel Team roster spots become available as some players drop Fall lacrosse for other extracurriculars. 


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